Important Features of Health Insurance in India

Health Insurance
Health Insurance

Buying a health insurance policy is absolutely critical and no longer a choice but a necessity. In spite of all the awareness revolving around health insurance plans in India, there are many who still don’t understand why health insurance is a real winner.

In this article, we’ll help you understand 5 important features that your health insurance plans need to have.

1. Is Your Health Insurance Plan Uniform?

One of the things you should check before you buy your health insurance plan is if it is the same in every city. This should be absolutely researched upon due to instances where health insurance plans are sold to people on the basis of location. This means that health insurance companies offer lower covers if it is purchased from a particular city as compared to another one. Hence, you need to analyse this and see if the benefits offered, terms and conditions and features are the same everywhere.

2. OPD Charges

A health insurance policy would cover you for the cost of being admitted in a hospital, but you would still have to pay from your pocket for the doctor’s visits as well as medicines. That’s why it is essential to check if your health insurance covers you for OPD charges. If not, then it should at least offer a top-up cover in order to avail of these benefits by paying a small charge.

3. Alternate Treatment Coverage

Health insurance would typically cover medical treatment in hospitals. However, there are many illnesses and medical conditions that require alternate medicines or therapy like homeopathy and Ayurveda. So, make sure to check your health plan to see if it provides coverage for such types of treatments.

4. Additional Benefits

Though your health insurance policy aims at keeping you protected and covered during medical emergencies, what about the times when you don’t actually have any claims? A good health insurance policy will recognise a claim-free year and give you additional benefits as a sign of appreciation. Special benefits such as bonus sum insured for claim-free years should be considered when opting for health insurance plans.

5. Promote Healthy Living

Living healthy can be quite difficult in a world like ours, where busy schedules and unhealthy lifestyles take over our lives. Your health insurance policy should offer benefits for staying fit. Specially designed wellness plans, rewards, and appreciation are some other features to keep an eye out for when purchasing health insurance.

These are just a few important points to keep in mind before you zero in on a health insurance policy. If you find that your health insurance plan misses these elements, then it’s best to make a switch. Even if you apply for health insurance online, you could find out if your policy offers all of these features.

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