If You Have Food in Your Fridge

You must consider yourself lucky if you have food in your fridge, roof over the top of your head, clothes to wear, as a few people in this world do not even have that. If you start cribbing about the things you don’t have, start thinking about the things that you have and be happy; you will see a better side of your life.

That is exactly what this motivational infographic titled, “If You Have Food in Your Fridge” tells you how lucky you are compared to those others who struggle to get the basic necessities of life.

There are people who cannot even read this infographic, probably because they are illiterate. Therefore, they cannot know if they should be happy with what they have and not be so sad. This is because life gives you a new opportunity to better your life every day when you wake up. When you can wake up each day and work for yourself, you must consider yourself richer than those who cannot.

If you have good health for your age, then you must be thankful every day. If you earn enough to make a living, then you should consider yourself wealthy. There are people suffering from a variety of illnesses and battle for their lives every day. Such are the disparities we see in society every day all around us, that instead of complaining, we should count our blessings and be happy about it, and try to make the world a better place to live in.

Simple yet infographic on how you should be thankful for what you have.

It could’ve been longer and better depicted.

If you have Food in your Fridge

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