Iconic Corten Steel Architecture

Corten Steel Architecture

Corten steel is an incredibly useful metal, due to its longevity and durability, but it also has a stylish, industrial edge. Corten steel has a memorable amber colour, which compliments a variety of plants and trees. Therefore, appearance-wise corten steel is perfect for various architecture. It is attractive and strong, which means many different products can be created with the durable metal.

Typically, corten steel begins with a dark oily residue over the surface. Over time, corten steel weathers and develops a layer of patina on the outside to protect the metal.

This can be described as a layer of rust and produces a gorgeous amber colour. This protective layer means that the steel underneath is prevented from degradation, which means the metal is entirely low maintenance. Therefore, sculptures, towers, buildings, water features etc made of corten steel will all be long lasting, which produces timeless art work. Corten steel is perfect for use as architecture and is used all over the world.

Corten steel’s protective layer takes about 3-6 months to form, but many people can’t last that long! What is interesting about the metal is when it is painted with a mixture of water and salt, the oxidisation process speeds up. Therefore, you can achieve the beautiful orange colour in no time.

The Angel of the North in Newcastle is our particular favourite piece of architecture as it is placed on top of a hill and can be seen by thousands who are driving past. However, when you get a bit closer it is a lot bigger than you think standing at 20m tall. It is an incredibly impressive sculpture and we recommend going to see it!

Infographic source: floraselect.net

Iconic Corten Steel Architecture

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