How to Make Money Online with your Video?

Step 1: Change your name to Psy or Paris Hilton.

On a more realistic and general level, the “How to Make Money Online with Your Video?” infograph provides much information designed to do just that.

The infographic states that 40% of consumers are willing to pay to watch online video content. We do love reading, and we love reading books and newspapers but have found that we overwhelmingly prefer those that we can find online or in pdf. We love watching videos (and consider YouTube to be a God-send) but dislike the videos that require us to register at another site to watch. We want it not only free but also now.

This is also how other people treat us. We know of many bloggers who are trying to eke out a living, and have otherwise very successful and well-recognized and popular blogs, yet they find that almost no one even bothers to merely click on the intriguing ads at the blog sites, which can generate some revenue for the bloggers.

We observe that other, and extremely successful, people are in the same boat. We know of one popular leader who has more than 18,000 followers on Google+, 28,000 followers on Facebook and over 1 million downloads at his own website. Yet, he often has to exhort people to donate money for the benefits that they receive.

Likes: We do find the “For Better Exposure” section to be extremely accurate and is what we attempt to do.

Dislikes: The infograph shows the results of the success of others; not tried-and-true procedures for you to follow.

This infographic describes the process on how to monetize your video online. There are ways to do so by finding the right online video platform such as DaCast.

How to Make Money Online with your Video? 1

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