How to Lose Weight: 10 Weight Loss Secrets that Actually Works

How to Lose Weight

How to Lose Weight

When it comes to losing weight, people only focus on losing weight quickly. Sometimes, they go for any random fat burner, whey protein and other weight loss supplements. Giving up on healthy fats and carbs is not the right thing to do. Because the practice of looking at foods like protein, carbs, calories and fats can make food very complicated. Remember, dieting is temporary, your lifestyle is permanent.

Here is the list of few things to follow for a healthy and successful weight loss:

  1. Try to include seasonal fruits, seeds and nuts in your breakfast. Eating those sugar-loaded mueslis isn’t breakfast, with this you are sabotaging your health one spoon at a time. You can have the homemade recipes like vegetable upma or besan cheela made in ghee. Yes GHEE! It offers tons of benefits from protecting the gastrointestinal system to burning fat efficiently.
  2. Avoid sugar-laden coffee or tea, instead carry some tea bags preferable hibiscus, dandelion, ashwagandha and tulsi based. These will not only detoxify the system but also offer long term health benefits.
  3. If you are a fussy eater or not a fan of vegetables. Just drink them. Vegetable smoothie can do wonders for your body. Plus it can give you smooth, shiny skin. Try to eat more greens.
  4. Quickly finishing your meals can affect your weight and can lead to obesity. Chewing your food thoroughly is very beneficial it decrease your food intake and increase fullness. This will help you to put the right amount of food in your stomach.
  5. Indulge in desi snacks like goond ke laddo and makhanas cooked in ghee and say bye to processed food. Go for the healthy carbs through homemade food.
  6. Instead of spending money on exotic products like quinoa, oats, etc., you can go for local foods like dalia, bajra and jowar.
  7. If you think using artificial sweetner is a healthy option, sorry to burst your bubble, it is not. Instead, go for coconut sugar and jaggery powder, they will help you to stay in shape.
  8. Drink water regularly. Your urine color is a good indicator of how much water consumption is appropriate. If it is not transparent water, then you need more water intake. Regular water intake keeps the hunger pangs at bay and flush out the toxins.
  9. Dinner option is the biggest worry for any fitness enthusiast. How many times will you eat soup or salad in a week? And how many times will you starve yourself to sleep to lose fat? You don’t have to do this. Eating dal-rice for dinner is the best thing that you can do to lose weight or stay in shape. As daal contains essential nutrients and rice is a gut-friendly food. This combo will keep your digestion better and you will not feel any loss of energy.
  10. If you want to go for weight loss supplements, then make sure to choose a reliable source like MuscleBlaze and HealthKart. They offer a wide range of affordable and effective weight loss supplements like whey protein, fat burner, and protein supplements like whey protein powder, protein bars and much more.

Stay Happy and Healthy and Eat your food with RESPECT, LOVE AND GRATITUDE.

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