How To Introduce Your Sex Doll To Your Partner

How To Introduce Your Sex Doll To Your Partner 1

Psychologists say that honesty is the basis of a loving relationship. If you care and love another person, you wouldn’t hide your fears, dreams, and sexual preferences. To make this relationship work, find the right moment to tell your partner everything as it is.

If you think that it is going to be difficult, remember that it will be worse in case your partner learns your secrets on their own. Also, hiding something or lying can take a lot of energy, so put all your cards on the table now.

Check this guide to learn how to introduce your realistic sex doll to your partner.

Find the right time

If you’ve had a fight recently or your partner is ill now, bringing up the topic wouldn’t be the best idea. It might look like you are looking for a substitute. It’s better to start speaking about your sexual fantasies in a calm atmosphere. For example, right after sex when you are chatting in bed. Thank your partner for an amazing night and then ask about their sexual fantasies. Expect your partner to ask you the same question, and then you can tell more about your sex doll. Stay close to your significant other, especially while sharing your fantasies.

Another important thing is to make sure that you and your partner are on the same page. If it’s the first week or month of dating, you might want to wait with your confession. At first, you need to build trust, get used to each other, and show that you are a loving person. And only then you can tell your date about your fetish.

How to explain this

Some people have never seen silicone dolls; that’s why you need to explain what it is all about. It should be a playful and pretty open conversation. Avoid saying, ‘We need to talk.’ Your partner shouldn’t feel any pressure. To keep it easy, you can begin with a joke.

Your better half should know that you love and care for them. You can be very excited about your doll and the whole preparation process, but there is no need to go into such details. Instead, let your partner know that they will always be in the first place for you.

Once your partner will understand that you really care for them; you can move to the second phase.

The second phase would be to explain your reasons. Couples often have fights over something they didn’t have a chance to discuss in the past. That’s why you need to find enough time and patience to answer all the questions your partner might have.

There are a few things that need to be clear:

Tell your partner that it is your fetish and that silicone doll looks no different from other sex toys. You can even compare it to other toys that your partner has tried in the past.

If you have a higher sex drive than your significant other, introducing a sex doll into your relationship can solve your problem. Using toys is the only way to go if you want to be sexually satisfied without breaking up or cheating. So, you can invite your loved one to play with a doll together. It can be like a threesome, or you can let your partner observe the process and then join you.

In case your partner isn’t very excited about seeing a silicone doll in your bed, tell more about this rising trend. For instance, you can mention that there are different kinds of male and female sex dolls. Some people order them because of their busy schedules, while others want to experience something new in bed. Nowadays, people are more sexually open. No wonder, there are so many sex doll brothels around the world. People of different ages and in different positions in life come there alone, with their friends or partners to explore how sex with a doll feels like.

In case of rejection

If your partner wouldn’t like to play with a sex doll even after your detailed explanation, talk about the possibility of using your toy in private. Even though you are in the relationship now, you can’t let your partner control every aspect of your life. A good relationship is about compromises. So, you can always agree on using a doll when your partner isn’t around, for example. There is no need to irritate your loved one by keeping a toy in your bed. You can always put it in the box and hide it under your bed or in a closet.

Don’t be afraid of expressing yourself and introducing your sexual preferences to your partner. Be ready to answer all the questions and show your doll. It’s all about trust and understanding in the relationship. Having secrets together feels so much better than hiding the skeletons in the closet on your own.

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