How to Fix a Broken Headboard

Headboards are all the rage at the moment and if you have decided to follow the trend and take your bedroom décor to the next level by complementing your bed frame with a headboard, then you are definitely on the right page. A headboard looks great on a bed but once you have found the perfect model that will perfectly fit the bed and suit the bedroom décor, there are usually a couple a few things to sort out before getting your hands dirty… Like for example “how to fix the headboard to the bed?”, or “How do I know if the headboard is securely attached to the bed frame?”, “What the hell am I supposed to do with the struts?!?”.

The main thing is that you have to get the measurements and the space between the struts right. If not, you run the risk of damaging the headboard since the support from the struts won’t be evenly distributed, rendering the whole thing weak and extremely liable to snap and come crashing down at some unholy hour in the morning…

To avoid this, there are simple ways to go about fixing your headboard. As a picture is worth a thousand words, the creative team at Wedo Headboards has come up with the idea to create a How To guide and has designed this beautiful infographic to help you out.

We are confident that this visual will help all those who are struggling with their brand new headboard but if not you can still visit the Wedo Headboards website or the blog for more information and useful how to guides, [Source]

How to Fix a Broken Headboard

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