How to Choose the Right Animation Courses in 2023


It’s no secret that animators today are one of the most sought-after visual artists. From production and media houses to advertising agencies, their skills are key to any digital medium. If you wish to join the league of top-class animators, you need to choose the right animation course. One that teaches the cardinal basics of animation along with imparting the right software skills.

So, how do you choose the right animation course this year? Here are the four tips and practices that answer your question.

1. Enrol in a Renowned Institution

Given the technical competence this career path demands, you must enroll in an animation course with a renowned institution. Doing so would award you ample exposure to the right tools and faculty that will help you kickstart your journey as an animator.

One such institution is EDGE Metaversity. This establishment has been around for quite some time and offers different courses in animation. After shortlisting an animation school, pour over their syllabus.

2. Study the Course Curriculum 

It is imperative to study the course curriculum as that shows the rigour you will be put through while pursuing your animation certification. One of the most sought-after animation courses is the Maya animation course.

Powered by Autodesk, Maya is a professional 3D animation tool for creating realistic scenarios and top-notch effects. Many visuals are conceived on Maya, which is why make sure your animation course includes teaching this tool.

In addition to pursuing a Maya animation course, your curriculum must also include a final project or an industry internship.

3. Check Course Duration

You must be realistic in terms of how many months you can spare to complete an animation course. If you already have a foundational base ready and want to gain knowledge of a popular software tool, enrol in a three-month-long Maya animation course.

If you are fascinated by the world of animation but don’t have any foundational knowledge, a longer course in animation will do the trick for you. In such a case, you can look for a 9-month certification or something even longer, depending on how much time you have.

4. Inquire about Placement Opportunities 

Not all institutions will offer placement opportunities, and that’s ok, but you may want to build a network with the help of your teachers. Therefore, be sure to ask for any opportunities around industry exposure.

Also, inquire if your institute provides contacts or has a placement drive. Doing this can immensely help you take the first step in the industry.

Over to You 

An animation course is only as good as the institution that offers it. Therefore, you must prepare to gain admission in a Maya animation course or any other such course at the renowned school. They will not only equip you with everything you need to know about animation but also help build your portfolio.

In any creative field, your CV is not enough unless it is accompanied by a portfolio of your work. So, if you’re ready to pursue animation professionally, register to Maya animation course.

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