How to Build a Successful SEO Strategy for 2018?



An SEO strategy is a blueprint of the plan that you devise for all your Search Engine Optimization activities. It includes everything from driving traffic to your website to improving the conversion rates, which in turn helps in boosting the online revenue.

In the e-commerce world, building up a successful SEO strategy is very important as it is the most powerful marketing channel. It targets people who are actually in need of a product or a service that you have to offer. There are many professional SEO companies in India to guide you on the matter. If you are in the financial capital of the country, you can make use of one of the professional SEO services in Mumbai.

Here are a few guidelines on how you should build your SEO strategy for the current year.

Identify Your Goal

Goals are always the guiding point when devising a strategy. Even if you hire the services of let’s say an SEO company in Pune, they will first ask you to tell your goal. Is your goal to achieve a 5%, 10% or more revenue growth from SEO? Depending on this goal, they will decide how aggressively your SEO strategy should be planned so as to reach that goal.

Past Performance Analysis

This is extremely important in determining the future course. Unless you know where you stand, how can you carve the path of your journey? Use the key performance indicators to understand how your strategy worked in the last two or three years. This will help you in pinpointing the areas that need improvement and then you can build upon your current strategy based on that.

Whether you hire SEO services in Mumbai, Pune or any other place, you should know that any SEO performance is basically based on four major things. These are search engine algorithm updates, changes to the website, the optimizations that were made to the site, and changes that happened in the search results because of the actions that were taken by the business competitors. If you collect and analyze the data based on these four major parameters, you will get a fair idea on how to proceed with your 2018 strategy.

Find Opportunities

Now that problem areas have been sorted, any SEO company in Pune, Bangalore or wherever you have hired it, will help you in identifying the opportunities. They will follow some of these approaches.

  • Keyword Research: Find keywords that have better chances to make your website rank better in a short period of time.
  • Competitive Intelligence: Here the research is done on a variety of topics. This includes finding categories that the competitors are not working on and also those topics for which they are doing excellent and then contemplating if you can do better than that. Find sites or publishers who can help you and have not yet been approached by the competitors.
  • Content Gaps: Content is always a very important part of any SEO strategy, but it should be designed in such a way that it makes a lasting impact. The SEO company that you hire will make an inventory of all the key content assets that have been posted and then analyze them to see if they lack anything important or any relevant topic is missing from the content.

All these approaches need tools and skills that any SEO provider possesses. Taking their help will help you in devising a better and appropriate strategy focusing on the area that requires more attention.

Devising a proper SEO strategy is of paramount importance because unless your website ranks higher in the searches you won’t be able to make your mark felt among your prospective clients. There are multiple actions that together form the basis of any strategy. It is important to see that all these actions are working cohesively for any strategy to be successful as faltering on anyone might result in breaking the entire chain.

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