How Technology Has Changed Modern Essentials

There were times when students carried books, calculators, pencil boxes, and stationary to schools in their backpacks. As times have changed, especially, since the advent of the mobile and the internet, most of the students have been carrying mobile phones as well apart from the regular stuff in their backpacks to school. In this Infographics titled, “How Technology Has Changed Modern Essentials,” you will see how the backpacks to school have evolved from carrying just books alone to the school to all the latest gadgets.

Especially, since the year 2000, most of the students prefer carrying laptops, calculators, CDs, floppy drives, etc. As the technology has advanced, it has also changed what people carry in their backpacks. Today people mostly carry electronic gadgets, such as, tablets, iPods, smart phones and this has reduced the need for using books, and most of the manual stationary.

If you look back at the 90’s all you can feel is nostalgia with cassettes and head phones that you will not find anymore. If anyone still happens to have these items, they might be considered a souvenir, as they do contently mark an era that was golden and pretty much the advent of many good things that have evolved into a today’s modern day gadget. This is how technology has changed and replaced many essentials today.


Apt depiction of the evolution of most of the things that we use, through technology.


Not much description or added information.

How Technology Has Changed Modern Essentials 1


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