How Sales Messaging Affects Conversion Rates

We all buy and we all buy online but why do we buy? Of course we would say that we need the product or service. But are there things that guide us in buying, make us buy sooner and faster, or make us buy from one website and not another? Moreover, can there be an “impulse buy”? In brick-and-mortar stores, it is well known that, especially if you are hungry, you are very likely to purchase a candy bar or snack at the cashier’s window after you have purchased everything else.

Attempting to unravel these mysteries is the “How Sales Messaging Affects Conversion Rates” infographic. Online shopping has been going on for twenty years now, and there may have been twenty years of studies of online shopping. This infographic seems to have taken advantage of all of these studies. There is an incredible amount of information to be found here.

It shows how using the right words can increase the tendency to buy, and using the wrong words decreases it. There are also good and bad colours. One company found that using a red arrow was more than 20% effective over a green arrow. At the last step of our purchase, there are even good words and icons to use to add to our cart (the preferred word) or bag (not as favourably looked upon).

Likes: Again, there is a wealth of information here which can benefit an eCommerce company for many months.

Dislikes: There are no categories. The information can seem somewhat disparate.

Conversion Rates Infographic

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