How Safe Is Your Train Travel?


India has a wide network of railways. This is the preferred medium of travel in the nation owing to the convenience that it offers to the people. However, the safety aspect is the main question that arises owing to the number of accidents that take place. This infographic titled “How Safe Is Your Train Travel?” covers all information about the safety issues concerning the Indian railway network.

This infographic covers all information about the mishaps that have hit the central railway line. Graphical representations of deaths that have occurred from 2008 to 2010 have been reported in this infographic. Central line has far more commuters than the harbour and western line and hence it is more prone to accidents. The central railway line has 37 lakh daily commuters. The western and harbour line has 33 lakh and 7.4 lakh commuters respectively.

The Central line has overcrowded trains, wide coverage and there is an absence of foot-over bridges; these factors contribute to the mishaps. The western line is crowded too in comparison to the harbour line. However, various measures have been taken in the western line to prevent accidents. Multidimensional initiatives have been proposed to curb any mishap over the tracks. This infographic clearly explains the current scenario of the Indian railway network and also covers the details about the initiatives that have been taken and also that are being proposed to prevent any accidents from occurring.

Likes: Detailed description.

Dislikes: Texts could’ve been reduced and more graphs could have been used.

Train Travel Infographic

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