How Much To Insure The Royal Wedding?

Weddings certainly cost a lot to people. What if it is the royal wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton? We all know that they’ve been married now and even the royal baby has made its way on to the Earth. However, let’s think how much it would’ve costed the royal family to insure this royal wedding. Let’s go back in time and explore this royally designed infographic titled “How Much To Insure the Royal Wedding?”
Weddings certainly can cost a fortune, especially when the couples are one of the wealthiest. As per this infographic, the total insurance costs for this royal wedding would’ve amounted to £356, 00,000. The entire insurance cost has been calculated considering the media liability insurance, corgi insurance, terrorist attack insurance, kidnap insurance, honeymoon insurance, dress insurance, jewellery insurance, wedding cancellation cover and car/royal coach insurance.
This infographic considers hilarious situations and has come up with reasons that would cost the royal couple a fortune. Reading this infographic would’ve certainly made the royal couple reconsider and review their royal wedding insurance plans strictly. The average wedding insurance cost in the UK is £50. This would cover any couple for £16,000 worth of damages. Now, you get the figure of the royal wedding? If a comparison is made with the royal weddings that took place in the past, the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton would beat them all.
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How Much To Insure The Royal Wedding?

Infographic by Autonet Insurance

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