How Much Can You Drink? Blood Alcohol

How Much Can You Drink? Blood Alcohol 1

If people in the U.S look at this infographic chart, they will know that individuals of every age drink a lot of alcohol. Also the fact is that, more than fifty percent of drunken students babysit which is a very bad idea. As much as six percent of children have consumed alcohol in their lives. Regular drinking of alcohol leads to depression, blurred thinking, hallucinations and behavior impairments. In this infographic titled,” How Much Can You Drink? Blood Alcohol” you will see how consuming alcohol beyond limit can not only worsen its effects and may also result in death.

Beer and wine contain very less alcohol content compared to hard liquor. Therefore, amongst most of the teens and adults, beer and wine are popular and considered safe to drink but only within limits. As you keep increasing the beer and wine content too, you will slowly start to lose touch of reality and shed your inhibitions and probably also get very talkative.

While only less than fifty percent of people do something that they regret later while in their drunken state, more than fifty percent of people have a hangover. Even teens and toddlers too take on the drinking habits early on. Less than thirty percent of students have missed their classes because of hangovers. Overall this infographic shines light on the drinking statistics of most Americans, and also teaches us to keep our drinking habits in check.


A good depiction of how alcohol affects our system and behavior.


It is very elaborate when information could be precise and less complicated.

How Much Can You Drink? Blood Alcohol [infographic]


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