How Mobile Slots Games Have Revolutionized Online Gambling Industry?


There was a time when you used to go to certain establishments for gambling, sitting next to a middle-aged man, surrounded by a loud drunk crowd and the bustle borne out of gambling adrenaline. Those certain establishments now come to you, in fact, you travel around with them in your pockets in the form of mobile or online slots or any other form of gambling. Gone are the days when the vacation destinations were limited because only a few places had casinos. Now, you can travel all across the world with a casino in your pocket or your laptop bag, not bound by the availability of a casino. Most popular casinos in the world cannot accommodate a single person, you cannot walk into them because they are online. But these casinos cater to large crowds at any given time of the day, you can find people playing of every gender and from almost every part of the world. So, now we can admit that technology has revolutionised the gambling world.

Home to a more diverse audience:

millennials online gambling

Online gambling has opened the doors to a different kind of audience. Before this, men mostly or middle-aged men were the regulars in a casino but with the ease, convenience and security of online gambling, the regulars to online casinos are women and millennials. This is mainly because of online slot machines because they are easy to play than other complex casino games, blackjack, for example. The percentage of women gambling on their phones is mind-blowing, compared to 55% of men, over 45% of women gamble on their phones.

The Growth of Mobile Gambling Industry:

How Mobile Slots Games Have Revolutionized Online Gambling Industry? 1

The journey from mobile jackpots and IPAD apps to a $100 billion industry have been a rapid one. The exponential growth of the mobile market share of the internet has propelled the online gambling industry to unimaginable heights. The mobile gambling industry is now an industry worth over $100 billion, and the growth rate, that should be over 20%, is going to be fuelled by legalisation around the globe, advancement of network coverage and of course, HTML 5 games. The innovations in technology will only increase the numbers of players and more importantly, loyal customers. Back in 2011, 76% of all revenue in the mobile gambling came from mobile betting. In 2013, mobile casinos generated 13% of the mobile gambling market. All slots casino saw an 80% increase in tablet casino players in 2013. Coming back to the present, betting operators reported more than 150% rise in mobile gambling services just in 12 months. In 2018, there is 97% mobile penetration in the U.K. and more than 94% of the U.S. adults own a smartphone. Statistics show us that more than 40% of online players were young people between the ages of 21 and 34.

New inventions have always made too many things obsolete, portable games preyed on the arcade audience, automobiles replaced the horses, and just like that, land-based casino owners are worried about losing their customers to online casinos. The concern is genuine, seeing that players now try their luck on a couch instead of a slot machine or table in a brick & mortar casino. Land-based casinos still generate most of the gambling revenue but the numbers have surely been decreasing slowly.

The ability to grow online gambling industry on a mobile level has opened up unique opportunities for online gambling sites. Sites now can focus more on the game itself rather than the technology end of it. Hardware, privacy and security keep on getting better day by day, such as two-factor authentications, and it provides players with greater peace of mind. And with the advent of VR and AR, the future of online gaming, in general, is shining. These technologies can build a casino around the player anywhere in the world. Players then will be able to change tables and interact with other people or objects just like in a real physical casino.

This year, online slots industry has been stronger than any other online gambling options. The online slots industry was standing at $44.16 billion in 2016 and is expected to cross $81.71 billion by 2022 at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 10.8%. This is probably the best time to get into online slots industry, as a player or as an affiliate. Currently, more than 80 countries have legalised online gambling. And the industry is going to progress with the technology, so there is not any stopping for online slots industry in the near future.

More on Mobile gambling:

Convenience, security, variety are some of the benefits of mobile gambling and why people continue to adopt this over physical casinos but let us look into these benefits in detail.

  • The number of mobile users keeps on increasing
    The future of online gambling is mobile? The Wi-Fi industry is surely loving this trend and continuous adoption of smartphones is helping online gambling stampede over the traditional casinos. Mobile devices have become a second nature, after human nature, so, it is only natural to focus on providing any kind of online commodity on phones.
  • Mobile devices promote convenience
    With mobile gambling, the gambling industry has become portable. Betting now is so much easier than waiting in the home to place bets using the desktop. The mobility and increased convenience also make mobile a better option from a financial point of view. It influences players’ behaviour and increases conversion speed and their online betting frequencies.
  • Immediate access
    The mobile revolution and advancement in mobile technology have changed the way of casinos offering their services. Players do not have to wait for a table or slot machine to get empty before they can start playing. Players now have immediate access to their favourite games. Not to mention the hard work online casino owners put into providing seamless and sophisticated experience to their users at their couches have also helped generate a loyal player-base. And these services are available even in the most remote part of the world.
  • Amount of time we spend on phones; thanks to social media
    An average user picks up their mobile device more than 1500 times a week. People today love spending time on social media and the presence of online casino on the same device as social media has surely helped mobile gambling a lot. Mobile gambling becomes a part of the time people spend on social media. And since most players are of the age between 18-34, social media and mobile slots on the same device is the best thing that could happen.

New gaming experience

The experience of mobile gambling is different than browser-based gambling and it surely is different & diverse than the traditional brick and mortar casino experience. These gambling software programs can be made better with an update or a patch and are more flexible & customisable than traditional gambling options.

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