How Men can benefit from Nose Reshaping



For centuries, the one thing that has been a constant for men has been their nose. Whether it be a bulbous snout, a crooked schnozzola, or a single nostril, few would argue that noses are just not made to measure when it comes to men. That’s why in recent years, plastic surgeons have turned their attention to giving male noses the shape they deserve. In this article, we look at some of the more common male nose jobs and their potential benefits.


Types of Nose Jobs



There are three main types of nose reshaping: total Nose Reshaping, Rhinoplasty, and Septoplasty.


  1. Total Nose Reshaping


This procedure focuses on the cosmetic aspects of the nose and those that can help improve a patient’s breathing and sense of smell. It involves making several incisions to the base and tip of the nose, reshaping the bridge of the nose, reshaping its structure, and allowing for changes in the nostrils to improve airflow and sense of smell. The procedure typically lasts around two hours, but this depends heavily on an individual patient’s requirements.


  1. Rhinoplasty


Rhinoplasty is a general corrective procedure triggered by aesthetic rather than functional problems. There are three commonly practiced types of Rhinoplasty: Open, Closed, and Endoscopic Rhinoplasty.


Closed rhinoplasty is performed by making two small incisions inside the nose and removing any excess tissues through these openings. This type of surgery involves very little healing time and can be completed in under an hour. It can be used to correct any deviation from the natural shape of your nose, such as those which occur after an injury or those brought about by aging.


Endoscopic rhinoplasty is where one or two small openings are made inside the nose, and a special endoscope is used to allow the surgeon to view your nose from within. This will enable them to make specific changes that cannot be achieved using open surgery, such as those required by the removal of undesirable facial hair at the base of the nose.


  1. Septoplasty


Septoplasty is a relatively minor procedure performed on the nasal septum (nasal partition), which helps divide nasal passages into their respective nostrils. The process helps correct any deviation from the natural shape of your septum, leaving you with a pleasant, symmetrical appearance. It’s important to note that it doesn’t change the nostrils themselves – simply what they communicate with each other.


While the above procedures are commonly practiced on men, many others require varying levels of Expertise and Experience. For example, rhinoplasty can be performed on women, but it can require returning to their surgeon for additional work depending on their specific issues.




What Are the Benefits of Nose Jobs to men?



The first and most apparent benefit of getting a reshaping procedure is improving your physical appearance. However, most men are more concerned with how it makes them feel than how it looks. Unlike facial features such as the eyes or the lips, noses are often perceived as a defining feature of their face and lifestyle. That’s why many men opt for nose jobs to look younger, more confident, or simply more successful.

As far as the social benefits go, a beautifully shaped nose can help improve self-confidence, with elements such as the valor effect being worth considering. The improvement of your sense of smell can positively impact your social life – helping you find new interests and making you feel more confident in new situations.



A second potential benefit of a nose job is to improve breathing and sense of smell. This problem can be caused by either deviated nasal airways or nasal congestion, both of which can severely reduce your quality of life. Furthermore, it can also contribute to snoring and sleep apnea, a significant factor in heart attack, stroke, and other cardiovascular problems.


Finally, as men are generally unaware that they can enhance their sense of smell with a simple procedure like septoplasty, many are surprised to learn how much better they feel after nose reshaping surgery.


How to Choose the Plastic Surgeon for Your Male Nose Job



A nose job is a very personal decision, and you should feel comfortable with the surgeon you choose. Several things should influence your choice, including:


The price for nose jobs is usually upwards of $3000. However, if a person has a lot of facial hair over the area, it can be much higher. If someone has insurance, they will frequently get their procedures performed at no cost to them. Surgeon’s Experience, The surgeon’s Experience can be crucial to making the right choice. Ideally, you should speak to a few surgeons to ensure you have narrowed down your choice and have made an informed decision on who will perform your procedure.





How is my nose reshaped?


After you’ve had plastic surgery, the surgeon will make a small incision or two in your nose to remove any excess skin, cartilage, and bone. The incisions are usually made on the base of your nose and at the tip of your nose, and then an instrument called a cannula is passed through them to reshape the septum. This is one of the most commonly done procedures as it can significantly improve breathing and smell and help with snoring.



Will I continue doing sports after getting a male nose job?


The short answer would be yes. Most people can continue doing the same sports; however, some may need to stop for a few weeks after the surgery has been performed. It will depend on which sport you are involved in and the changes that have been made. It is often recommended that you wait at least a few days before returning to sports, but this can sometimes be longer depending on your specific needs.


How much does a male nose job cost?


As far as plastic surgery procedures go, many other forms of cosmetic surgery cost significantly more, while nose reshaping is closer to 1/10th or 1/20th of the price. The cost of the procedure can vary a great deal depending on what’s included and who you choose to do the surgery. An excellent way to narrow down your options is to contact three or four surgeons and ask for a quote for your desired procedure.


What type of anesthesia is used?


Many nose jobs are performed using different types of anesthesia; however, local anesthesia is most commonly used. Since this type of anesthetics only work on the area operated on, and there are no incisions or shallow cuts, this makes it one of the most popular choices.





In summary, nose jobs can help improve your sense of smell and breathing, allowing you to lead a healthier life. They can also be used to look younger and more confident in social settings and take years off your age. However, with so many options on the market, it’s essential to ensure you find a surgeon who can provide the procedure you desire without compromising any of these things.


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