How Many Credit Cards Are in Your Wallet?

Credit cards have revolutionized the way people manage their money. The card helps the users to pay for goods and services more conveniently and eliminates the need for carrying cash all around. This infographic titled “How Many Credit Cards Are in Your Wallet?” covers facts about credit cards and their impact. This infographic makes use of graphical tools such as bar and pie charts to bring out certain facts and figures pertaining to credit cards and their usage.
As per the infographic, though U.S. consumers are struggling, they’re still getting better with the usage of smart cards. There are 43% U.S. families that spend more than they earn. Nationally, 26% fewer cards are being opened by consumers than were being done a few years ago. The figures in this infographic also emphasize that personal credit card debt is in decline.
In April 2009, the credit card debt amounted to $7,489. During August 2010, the debt amount reduced to $6,837. A comparison has also been drawn amidst the major cities in the United States of America with more usage of credit cards. New York City tops the list, followed by Pittsburg, Boston, Philadelphia and Minneapolis. There is also a list of cities with the least usage of the cards. Phoenix tops this chart, followed by Portland, Tampa, Dallas and San Diego. This infographic is full of interesting facts and figures pertaining to credit cards and their usage throughout the US.
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