How Long You Spend in the Bathroom

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The bathroom is one of the frequently used room in the home, but how long does the average person spend in there over the course of their lifetime and does it vary for men and women?

If you ask me, I hate waste time languishing in a bath. But, yes, I do use the shower! All things considered I would say I don’t spend much time in the room. Research by “Shower Power” campaign in a bid to save water by encouraging short showers – shows that contrary to lazy, popular and potentially misogynist belief, women only spend a mere 39 seconds longer in the shower than men.

According to info graphic below titled “How long you spend in the Bathroom” from BathroomDeal men spend an average lifetime of 2 years, 125 days and women only 2 years and 40 days. According to research men and women spend 30 minutes, every week, that’s 88.2 days in a lifetime just drying them, really?Also it depicts that 89% of people have at least one electronic device in the bathroom.

The graphic is bright, bold and reflects bathrooms in the design. The banner is striking with yellow rubber ducks and offers an obvious choice to announce the subject matter. Each section is well divided and the statistics/data is clearly highlighted. Illustration is strong and the color palette uses the obvious choice of blue with highlights of yellow. Typography is clear and easy to read. The subject is quirky and of social interest although I would like to see a data source listed for the data.

How long you spend in the Bathroom
How long you spend in the Bathroom

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