How Logistics Helped Gain America’s Freedom

According to this infographic, the cost incurred by the British in carrying out the logistics lead to America’s freedom from the British rule. The supply chain of the British people contained many loop holes, corruption, and chaos that finally lead to patrons of American win against the British people. In this infographic titled, “How Logistics Helped Gain America’s Freedom,” you will get to read some information on how logistics of British helped gain America its freedom.

During the American struggle for independence, the British had to spend thousands of dollars daily to carry out the supply of logistics, maintain the information security, the crew, food and many other supplies. According to this infographic, it drilled many deep holes into their pockets. Since there would be demands every day, it was becoming seemingly difficult to manage the logistics and they started to fail fulfilling their needs.

This gave the Americans a better opportunity to tune into their strengths and gain independence. According to this infographic, the British seemed to have learned from their mistakes and give more importance to planning their logistics. Large amount of money has been spent on uniforms and beer as well. Since the British had to maintain their crew overseas, they had to spend a very large sum of money, which ultimately gave Americans an advantage over them to gain independence.


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Created by Derby Supply Chain Solutions for Independence Day, this infographic details the role logistics played in helping America win the Revolutionary War. Derby Supply Chain Solutions is a value-added 3PL provider, supplying global businesses with a multitude of services including assembly, packaging, warehousing, and distribution. Learn more at

Logistics Infographic

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