How is RO Water Better Than Mineral Water?


Water is the most basic necessity for human sustenance. Whether you like it or not, you have to drink enough water so that the organs in your body function properly. Gone are the days when you did not have to be concerned about the purity of water. With the increasing levels of contaminants in water, you tend to hear a lot about different kinds of water, including mineral water and RO water. There’s often a debate regarding which kind of water is better: RO water or mineral water. To answer this, you need to understand the difference between the two first.

Mineral Water

The real mineral water comes from natural springs, which are pure and has minerals present in it naturally. It actually doesn’t need any treatment other than the removal of turbidity. But, this mineral water is not easily available and what we normally get in the name of mineral water is filtered water in which minerals are added after filtration.

RO Water

RO water purifier, on the other hand, retains the minerals that are present in water using its TDS controller, which is the patented technology of Kent. Here, nothing is added from outside, but the minerals that are essential for good health, if present in water, are retained.

The main difference between these two kinds of water is about the source from where water is obtained in the first place. The source of mineral water needs to be a spring in clean and nascent surroundings free of any contaminants, harmful bacteria etc. This kind of water is organic, pure H2O or pure mineral water. The minerals that are beneficial for health are present in it naturally. It is the natural water that does not require any purification treatment before bottling it up. The only requirement is filtering it through hard strains, which can be stones of various sizes or sand to remove unwanted contaminants from it. This type of water is very limited and once you start filling it up commercially you can soon compromise the source.

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RO water can be harvested from any source as it is treated by reverse osmosis technology to make it fit for consumption. Earlier, chemical treatments were done, but now consumers and organizations are considerate towards the environment and thus apply eco-friendly methods of purification. The RO method just uses pressure to purify water.

Why Is RO Water Better than Bottled Water?

Here’s why RO water is better than mineral water:

  • The biggest benefit of using RO is you can purify any type of water and thus there’s unlimited pure water supply as against mineral water where supply is very limited.
  • There are some people who argue that when mineral water is available why they should invest in a water purifier. For argument sake, let’s say you compare the cost of getting an RO purifier and buying bottled water. In this case, RO turns out to be the cheaper option in the long run.
  • You are sure of the quality of RO water that you are consuming, which you can never be sure of when buying bottled water. There are often cases wherein people get duped by low-quality water with duplicate labels.
  • Bottled water is stored in plastic, which is known to cause many health problems. It is also detrimental to the environment as plastic bottles ultimately get into landfills.

Keeping the above benefits in mind, it is evident that RO water is any day better than mineral water for all practical purposes.

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