How Garden Lights are Redefining Luxury in High-End Hotels

Garden Lights

Lighting is crucial in defining the milieu around us and is the key to the success of a commercial place. Outdoor lighting solutions are of utmost importance for the hotel industry since it can bring a more considerable amount of satisfaction for the guests.The difference between a 4-star and a 5-star hotel is often negligible. However, it is the things like well-illuminated gardens, laws and halls that make the final difference.

Garden Lights

Today, most industries are switching towards efficient lighting solutions that are technologically superior. LED lights being the latest technological endeavour in the lighting industry are filling that gap successfully. All luxury hotels around the world have made the much-needed switch to LED lights.

Here’s how Garden Lights are Redefining Luxury in High-End Hotels

Showcasing a Unique Identity

Garden lighting plays a crucial role in expressing a hotel’s unique identity. It helps in creating a pronounced impact to convert the property into a landmark for the area. Façade lighting, when used with garden lighting,will not only empower the hotel architecture and make it stand out in the area from others, but it will also boost the brand image of the hotel chain. When the outdoor area such as a garden of a hotel is adequately lit, it improves the number of visitors.

Transforming a Visit to An Experience

Aesthetically appealing lighting design can transform any visit into an experience.A luxury hotel can only stand out if every space is thoughtfully curated and maintained. When lighting outdoors such as gardens, lawns, and pathways, it is essential to pay attention to how different lighting techniques can enhance the ambiance of the hotel. Laying emphasis on art and architecture of the hotel’s garden and then maximising it by different techniques will not only add to the aesthetics but also make them more inviting to the guests. Luxury hotels must be able to retain guests by providing them with an experience which is hard to forget.

An Epitome of Safety

Better illumination improves the sense of safety among people. Even though a luxury hotel has ground security staff, lighting does play a paramount role in developing the overall security.Hotels using LED lights for decorating the gardens accentuate not only the area but also add a touch of safety.From the trees to the bushes and façades, everything perfectly lit makes people feel sheltered.

How to Select Garden Lights?

The basic rule for selecting the right garden lighting is by identifying the major areas where illumination will bring the necessary aesthetic appeal. For instance, flood light fixtures are beneficial to highlight spaces where plants and bushes are the prime objects. By implementing techniques like accent lighting, tree lighting or even wall washing, the gardens of a hotel can be successfully highlighted.

  • High-end hotels must consider floodlights that are aesthetically appealing such as the LED Floodlight | LF20 by Wipro Lighting which is elegant and complements the modern architectural design. They are high on performance and prove to be advantageous in different lighting situations.
  • Gardenia LED by Wipro Lighting can also be used for highlighting bushes, it is high on performance and comes in various beam angles to fulfil some.
  • Luxury hotels also use bollards LED lights to illuminate pathways around the hotel and its gardens.


Lighting gardens of a hotel with LED lights are beneficial in several ways. LEDs are known to provide a consistent beam of light which is not only superior in output but will also last for up to 10 years. This feat virtually cancels out the need for maintenance which saves costs. Luxury hotels are known for more than their hospitality. They have an aesthetic appeal and offer the most luxurious services and amenities.The entire experience of a guest –from stepping in the hotel till the time they check out should protrude luxury. A luxury hotel’s garden is much more than grass, flowers and maintenance. Today, garden lights are becoming increasingly popular because they fulfill several paramount functions vis-à-vis nighttime aesthetics, accessibility, convenience, safety and recreation. Lighting is an art that can transform the look and feel of any space. Also, the right fixtures can enhance security as well.