HootSuite: Social Media Dashboard


Make social media management easy for your business using HootSuite. This social media management system lets you post the updates on a variety of social networks and directories at once. It is a well-integrated system that has a dashboard that allows instant updates, all at once. In this infographic titled, “HootSuite: Social Media Dashboard” you will learn about the common usage trends using this dashboard.

You can send up to a million messages to a variety of customers and clients, and also post on a variety of social networks, all in a single day, with a single click. Mostly twitter and Facebook updates are done using this social media management system. You can send messages to the web through RSS feed, to mobiles, and a variety of platforms on social networks using this management system. It is free to try and your monthly rates are not very expensive to use this system.

Many small to medium sized businesses have benefitted from this software. Most of the companies in the U.S use HootSuite to send updates about their businesses. Since the year 2005, the account sign up have reached up to one million users across the world. The graph of signing up has only been on an upward curve since its start. It saves your time when you have to send across many updates daily, across various platforms.


Clear depiction of the advantages and usability of this social media management system called, the HootSuite.


Could have more information added on how it can be used by businesses.

This Infographic features Social Media Dashboard by Hootsuite. Brought to you by mashable.com

HootSuite: Social Media Dashboard [infographic]


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