Honda Social Media Marketing

If you are keen on the FB (Facebook) games and the companies that participate in creating an FB games, then you have an FB game called Car Town created by American Honda Motors Company. Since, creating FB games about the products of the company is one of the best digital marketing strategies used by many companies, that especially deal with automobiles and consumer products, Honda Company too has used this strategy to market their product online. In this Infographic titled, “Honda Social Media Marketing” you will see how the Honda Company has used a variety of social media platforms to promote their product.

Though they have started this campaign on a variety of platforms, such as, YouTube, twitter, Facebook, etc, they still have only followers in thousands. These online campaigns were started in the year 2005. This seems like a very poor social media handling though it has a good marketing and promotion strategy. Since, most of the popular twitter accounts have millions of followers, as per this info graphics, Honda only has a couple of thousands of followers on its twitter pages.

Though its Facebook page has more than eighty thousand likes over so many years, as per this info graphics, this does not look like a very impressive static for any automobile company or an FB game page for that matter. Though an online FB user playing this game can buy the Honda CZ in the game, it does not fetch the real thrill that other simple Zynga FB games create.


A visually well-designed infographic.


Might only interest a Honda fan

Honda Social Media Marketing Infographic


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