Holiday Wallpaper from WordPress

Looking for the right holiday wallpaper? Check this cute amazing wallpaper from WordPress that speaks about the holiday. WordPress had previously started a new Holiday tradition – they give free wallpapers during that time of the year to be saved as your desktop wallpaper.
In this infographic, here is another wallpaper of the same variety from WordPress. Even though it speaks volumes about the holiday in general, it also has the additional touch of WordPress around it. So anyone who loves WordPress or has recently launched an online blog can save this as their wallpaper and be reminded of the amazing platform that is WordPress.
We think this is a fabulous marketing strategy as much as it is a gift to the WordPress users. This particular wallpaper has a winter theme with forests and created in a white and gray background to fill the mystery.
Likes: It is smart and practical to be used. The abstract colors and patterns could make the desktop look stylish. Ideal for anyone who likes to have a bit of WordPress into everything.
Dislikes: The picture is too abstract and might only appeal to certain viewers. It looks more of the geeky kind and less natural for being holiday wallpaper.
Holiday Wallpaper from


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