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History’s Hottest Toys 1903-2010

Mickey mouse, Pluto, soft bunny, play doh, twister – ever wondered how these toys first came into place? Who discovered them? How did the idea for these toys, even come into place? We all grow up playing one or all of these toys, but have we ever wondered how these toys were made? May be by the time we reach the appropriate age for asking such questions, we already forget these beloved toys of ours. has now come up with the infographic titled “History’s Hottest Toys 1903-2010” which lists the hit toys of the past century and also the ones which are more recent. Did you know that the teddy bear which we used till date was actually quite a hit in the 1903?

There are many of such fun incidents associated with the holiday toys which would be fun to know. All these are listed in this infographic. If you love your toys, this infographic will be fun to read. If you miss your toys, this infographic will take you on a nostalgia trip, like it did to us. Who doesn’t like to play play doh? Some of us like it even now. Remember making all those fun shapes and telling your friends that yours is better than theirs?

According to this infographic, the play doh ruled the market for a decade. From 1950 to 1959 it was incomparable with any other toy in the market in terms of demand. Fun to know this isn’t it?


All the information is very precise.


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History’s Hottest Toys 1903-2010

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