A History Of Typography


Typography is an amazing technique of making a written language beautiful and readable. Variations in line length, point size, typefaces, letter spacing and kerning is an art that has evolved over the years. This form makes reading any article much more interesting. This infographic titled “A History of Typography” covers the evolution of developments in the field of typography over the years.

This infographic beautifully covers the initial stages and what the field of typography has to offer today. The transformation is quite wonderful and you would be amazed to see the drastic changes and the love of man to share information in an alluring manner. Who wouldn’t appreciate a text that has been made visually enticing? The changes in the graphical world to what it is today can be appreciated with the aid of this infographic.

The developments of ideographs, pictograms, hieroglyphics to the modern day Adobe and Microsoft will leave you baffled. This will make you realize the importance of a neatly edited text and how it can grab the attention of a reader. Typography is quite crucial in this digital era. This field has turned into a million dollar industry. This is evident from the piece of information that web has become a major source of information sharing. There is a need to align the text and make it alluring to the readers. Go through this infographic to see the stages of evolution in the field of Typography.

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The History Of Typography

courtesy: designbysoap.co.uk

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