The History of Engagement Rings

The History of Engagement Rings 1

Ever wondered how the custom to tie a band around your loved one’s finger prior to the customary rituals came into place? Yes, we are talking about the engagement rings. The rings which you choose to propose or show your love to your beloved. Did you know why they are celebrated? Or how the custom first came into place? Here in “The History of Engagement Rings” infograhic you will come to know how these customs first came into place. It is indeed one of the most amazing ring revelations indeed.

Tying the ring on the ring finger of your loved one’s hand is considered to be an “announcement” that you both are together nowadays; but in the previous eras, this band symbolized the eternal bond of love that goes straight to the heart of your beloved – much because there is a vein in this finger which reaches to the heart of the person. So it is believed that if you tie a ringer on this finger, then you can reach this person’s heart forever. Amazing, isn’t it? And romantic as well, we say.

Due to the immense romanticizing of the “proposal scene” in various movies, people have now come to terms with it. However, the true, real meaning of these rituals will make you stand awed. Did you know what role diamond rings play in this? Read this infographic to find out. Also, 80% of the women receive a diamond engagement ring, so you probably buckle up, if you think of giving her another.


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Ever wonder how the tradition of giving an engagement ring got started? Well, it wasn’t always diamonds and platinum. In fact, rubies, claddagh rings, and even thimbles (yep, you heard us) were popular choices at periods during the history of giving this ring. Take a look at the infographic below and explore more about this tradition, including why it is custom to wear the ring on your fourth finger and who started that whole “2-months salary” myth anyway. Also, learn about the 4 C’s of picking a gem and marvel at the women who wore the most remarkable engagement rings in history.

The History of Engagement Rings 2

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