History of Data Storage and Recovery

History of Data Storage and Recovery 1

Want an idea of the history of Data Storage and Recovery? Here’s a staggering statistic first – According to Science Daily, 90% of the worlds data was generated in the last two years. These masses of data have led to the coining of the term Big Data – a hot topic at discussions and meetings in the corporate sector. As companies grapple to understand the significance of these rapidly increasing volumes of data, the area of data storage and recovery has taken on an increasing importance. Storage capabilities of devices like hard disks have been increasing proportionally with their size. Cloud computing has now emerged has the future , with free data storage facilities like Dropbox emerging as strong players. Simply put, the amount of data we deal with today makes the process of data management, data storage and recovery extremely crucial to our professional and daily lives. This interactive graphic by Kroll Ontrack does a fantastic job of laying a perspective to how data storage and recovery processes have evolved over the centuries.

[EXPAND Click to expand]From 1834, when Charles Babbage started working on the first computer till 2010 when scientists figured out how to store data in DNA – the interactive graphic covers the whole timeline. The post is in a horizontal scrolling format, a change from the usual vertical scroll. Users have an option to skip to the dates and events with an interactive image that looks like an ECG. All in all, this is a fantastic summary by Kroll Ontrack of the evolution of data and the challenges it poses to us today.[/EXPAND]


A history of data storage & recovery

Source: Kroll Ontrack UK

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