History Behind Ashes Cricket


If you are a cricket fan, then this infographic might interest you. It shows facts about some Ashes matches played in the years bygone. You will see which Ashes match has been the most dull and which the most exciting. In this infographic titled, “History behind Ashes Cricket” you will see a variety of interesting facts about the Ashes cricket series.

It is a fact that in nearly eight thousand or more balls, a batsman couldn’t even hit a single six. He was known as the dullest batsman. It is strange how a professional batsman cannot hit a single six in thousands of ball. Talk of low energy levels and bad performance. You will also get a statistic of how many matches each country won and how many matches were a draw.

A few matches were bamboozled because a certain cricket player couldn’t put a lid on his drinking habits while on a flight to play the match. Also a bowler in throwing nearly nine thousand or more balls, has never been recorded for a no ball or a wide during these Ashes matches. Many interesting facts about who was the fastest, slowest, and who hit records are shown in this infographic. All the facts from the start of the Ashes matches up to seventy sixth series of the matches are displayed cleverly in this infographic.


Information about Ashes matches organized properly into an infographic.


It does not include the latest information or facts regarding the Ashes matches.


Ashes Cricket Infographic

Courtesy: bigpondsport.com

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