Have You Ever?

This sounds like a preteen or early teenager game, or questionnaire by Classmates. The latter asks questions (often about your school days) and about your travel experiences. They probably have thousands of questions asking the members about “Have you ever visited [anywhere and everywhere]” Even if you have visited many places, it may seem inadequate when confronted with hundreds or thousands of such questions.

Regardless of title, the “Have you Ever?” infographic is interesting because it also provides answers or explanations. One such example is “Have you ever ridden a Segway?” Understandably, the overwhelming majority of people (polled by Hunch) say “no” but the survey also reveals who you are if you do answer “yes”. For example, if you did answer “yes” to this question then you are less likely to be politically conservative and to use a PC. We are unsure about this last characterization. After all, anybody who does not use a PC is a troglodyte. Perhaps what they were differentiating (and not fully explaining) is that Segway drivers are more likely to use a smartphone or tablet. However, we do find it curious to differentiate the medium when the use is the same.

Some of the questions can be ambiguous. For example there is a question about “Have you ever broken an arm or leg?” We have not done that but we have twisted our wrists and ankles on several occasions, and have even had to wear casts at those times, as if they were broken. What would be a proper answer to that question be?

Likes: The title to the infographic is certainly intriguing.

Dislikes: This could’ve been more interesting.

One way Hunch delivers personalized recommendations is through its back of about 2,000 Teach Hunch About You (THAY) questions, which more than 80 million Hunch users have answered in aggregate. A response to a single “Have you ever?” question can shed light on your personality, taste, and other life experiences.

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