Things That Happen Every Sixty Seconds Part 2

If you want to know what the things that happen on the internet at every sixty seconds, then, you will see interesting facts and data about the same in this infographics. The number of instant messages that get sent and received, the number of purchases made on eBay, etc are just some of the few facts displayed in these infographics. In this infographic titled, “Things That Happen Every Sixty Seconds Part 2” you will see what happens on the internet every sixty seconds.

Twenty six million Cds with data get created in a minute, more than four hundred Cds of Windows 7 operating system are sold. Its funny people are still buying Windows 7 O.S, but that’s besides the point. All those people who do not have proper anti-virus software installed, in a span of sixty seconds, nearly two hundred such computers get infected with malware.

In sixty seconds, nearly twelve website can get hacked in more than four hundred attempts. More than nine hundred items get purchased on eBay in just sixty seconds. Eleven Xbox consoles are sold in such a short span of time, such as sixty seconds. Given the popularity of Facebook games, in a span of sixty seconds, thousand acres of land gets farmed in the Farmville game of Zynga. No farmer is committing a suicide in the land of Farmville, so that’s good news. If you look at this infographics, you will get to read such interesting trivia about what happens in sixty seconds on the internet.


Trivia about internet activities, that takes places in a span of sixty seconds.


Uninteresting information, seems too old and obsolete.

Things That Happen Every Sixty Seconds infographic contains 19 interesting facts that occur every sixty seconds.

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