About Gum Diseases Explained in Detail

About Gum Diseases Explained in Detail 1

Gum disease has multiple dimensions. It ranges from mild to advanced, and each has its own definition. Gingivitis is one of the gum diseases & often is considered a mild form of it. Irritation, swelling and redness around the gingiva portion are the symptoms of this problem. Since it is a mild stage of gum disease, it is curable. However, if not taken seriously or treated promptly, it can lead to Periodontitis, an advanced form of gum disease.


The most common cause of this problem is poor oral maintenance. That means failing to give good care to your teeth is the root cause of Gingivitis formation. The best dentist in Gowrivakkam recommends that good oral hygiene, regular dental visits, and adhering to good health practices are the best ways to treat Gingivitis at an early stage. Visit https://4squaresdentistry.in/ for more insights on gum diseases and learn how to prevent them.

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