Guide to Online Slots

Online Slots

How many types of slots exist out there? Which are the most popular? Which are the most rewarding machine bonuses features? 

Online casino slots are now really appreciated. Especially in the last 20 years, they have been subject to many changes and improvements. The number and range of games playable online is now increasing every day more. Also, the progress made in their graphics and design, the use of animations, have made them much completer and more entertaining. There are now so many different themes and bonuses to win to make it difficult for Players to make a choice. 

Popular Slot games

Have you ever heard somebody talking about Thunderstruck? And, do you know the bandit who, following in the footsteps of the conqueror Gonzalo Pizarro, stole a treasure map in seek of hidden treasures in the land of Mayas? This is Gonzalo’s Quest, one of the games realised by NetEnt. 

Among the most known one inspired by ancient people, we can list Vikings Fire. The fearsome warriors which populate this game and the action inside have contributed to make it very popular.

More colourful, very rewarding, and easy to play, it is another NetEnt releasement, Starburst. Ideal for newbies. 

Slot machines rewards

Free spins when you get 3,4,5 Wild symbols on the same reel. They can get multiplied if in combination with a Scatter. Also, in some games, a new feature called Gamble has been added, every time you guess a card colour or suit you can multiply your initial bet for an ‘x’ number of times. Every one of them makes use of distinctive Wilds and Scatters features. Get aware of them before starting playing. 

Online casinos bonuses

Signing up to an online casino, you will have access to many bonus features. Starting from the welcome one, which can also give you a number of free spins, depending on the generosity of the casino you chose, there are also other kinds of rewards for loyal customers like the VIP bonuses. If you are used to playing online, you can make the most of the mobile awards available. To know your online casinos bonuses policy, you just need to search on their website. 

Range of slots 

From classic ones to progressive jackpots. The range is so big! 

If you are a beginner, start by classic or three-reels. With just one, two or three payline, they are the simplest and the cheapest ones. 

The most widespread online slots, the five-reels and the seven-reels, can have from 10 up to a maximum of 50 paylines.

Progressive Jackpots are the most rewarding machines. The more Players who bet on them, the more you can win. Ideal for people who want to win conspicuous amount of money, they are also the riskiest.  

Final Thoughts

We hope that this guide on online slots has given you an overall understanding on how they work and how rewarding they can be thanks to all their features. Now, it is your turn. Find out more by start playing

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