A Guide on How You Can Learn Hindi Using English to Hindi Dictionary

English to Hindi Dictionary

Hindi is considered as the most beautiful and amazing language in the world. Originated from India, Hindi is the mother language of the biggest democratic country in the world. India is a country with rich diversity and here people are from different background. There are 18 different spoken languages and you will find a new language in each city you will visit. From Jammu Kashmir in the north to Kanyakumari down the south, you will find a new culture, new languages and everyone is unique in itself. But there is one thing you can observe in every place. You will find the touch of Hindi no matter where you go. Especially in north India, the use of Hindi language is very common and the majority of the people use Hindi as their native language.

However, we are living in a period of globalization and for the purpose of education or employment, people need to travel to different locations either nationally or internationally. When we move to a new place, it gives a new and amazing experience altogether and is always a special feeling. But, there are always a few challenges that we have to tackle after shifting to a new place. From adjusting to the climate to find a comfortable place to stay to finding suitable food options, there are few challenges that we need to conquer. One such challenge is the communication barrier. Although Hindi is one such language which is very popular but still people who are coming to India from various parts of the world or people who are travelling to northern cities from down the south face difficulty in understanding or speaking Hindi.

Hindi Language

However, Hindi is one of the simplest languages to understand and one can easily become a master in the Hindi language within a very short span of time. If you are new to Hindi and want to improve your Hindi speaking skills, then there are a couple of ways using which you can easily learn the art of Hindi.

Below we are mentioning some of the best methods using which you can easily learn the Hindi language and become an expert in it.

1. Observe the People and Communicate with Them

When you are on the task of learning the Hindi language, the foremost thing that you can do is to start interacting with people and observe them while they communicate. Get the basic knowledge of a few words and know in which context, they are using these words. You don’t need to be afraid while committing the mistakes when you are talking in Hindi and you will learn from it. Also, you need to take care of one thing that learning a new language is a time-consuming process and you need to put in consistent and dedicated efforts in order to become an expert in it.

2. Watch Hindi movies with English subtitles

Hindi movies with English subtitles

Hindi movies and Hindi music are the best and quickest source to learn the Hindi language. Additionally, when you watch these Hindi movies with English subtitles on, you can easily find the translation of those Hindi sentences in English and can easily grab them. You can also carry a dictionary with you in which you can find the meaning of the words in which you are facing difficulty.

3. Read a Novel

Reading is considered as the best method when it comes to learning a new language. It not only helps you in learning new words but also you get intense knowledge by reading a novel. You get to know about the culture of the Hindi community and will find many astonishing facts. You can read novels on multiple niches to get a variety of content to read on.

However, when you feel difficulty in understanding the meaning of a few words, you can always take the help of a dictionary to find the meaning of the word. Also, if you feel that carrying a hard copy of the dictionary is not feasible to you, then you can opt to use the English to Hindi Dictionary app in your smartphone and use it at any time you want. The mobile version of the dictionary also helps in pronouncing the words as few words are very difficult to pronounce. Using it, you can improve your vocabulary and knowledge about the Hindi language.

The mobile application of the dictionary has the option to play the words in which you are facing difficulty to pronounce, you can easily hear them and add them to your vocabulary. The process of speaking Hindi is not difficult at all, it just needs dedicated practise and soon you will realize that you are gaining confidence while speaking Hindi and you will stop using the English to Hindi Dictionary as well.

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