A Guide to Baldness and its Treatment

Baldness Treatment
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Hair loss is probably one of the most common conditions affecting men and women around the world. The emotional fallout of baldness is a very severe one indeed. There are tons of cures out there for baldness because of the high demand for these remedies. The problem is that many of them are advertised as being magical cures that can sprout hair in a heartbeat. They never are this potent. If you didn’t already know this, over 40% of bald people are female. Baldness is seen as a terrible thing in women, which means that the advertising for effective cures has a bigger impact on the gentler sex.

The Real Causes of Baldness

According to hair loss experts, going bald needs to be treated according to the cause of the baldness. There are many treatment types and medications. In order for the medicine to be effective, you need it to be tailored to the cause of the loss of hair. There are actually many causes for losing hair including genetic conditions, hormones, stress, malnutrition, chemicals in hair products, surgery, and more. In women especially, the use of hair products and styling agents can cause serious hair loss due to the chemicals.

The factors that cause baldness aren’t mutually exclusive. You can have one or more of these at the same time. For example, the cause of your hair loss could be both stress-related loss and medication. External factors cause baldness when they are combined together to increase potency. There are other conditions too, such as male pattern baldness, that are a mix of inherited genes and hormone imbalance.

Myth: Your mother’s father’s baldness means you will go bald too. This is a myth because the real cause of baldness that is inherited is a mix of both parents and their ancestors.

Can You Regrow Your Hair?

Hair loss is not permanent. Losing your hair doesn’t mean you’ll never get it back. In cases like malnutrition, you start re-growing the hair you lost when your diet balances out once more. In other instances, more drastic treatment needs to be administered. There are permanent hair loss types too, such as purely genetic hair loss, which is usually forever. If your hair is falling out because your scalp has been scarred and the hair cells destroyed, it won’t grow back. This is usually caused by either wearing your hair too tight or using strong chemicals in your hair.

One way to treat your hair loss is to get surgery. This type of treatment is far more effective in men than women. However, most hair loss treatment surgery advertising is targeted towards women because they are easier to influence due to the social stigma against female baldness. Most cosmetic surgery can have dangerous side effects. It is therefore advisable not to go ahead with hair regrowth surgery if you are a woman experiencing baldness. It will also do you good to look into alternative treatment methods and to separate the truth from the many myths.

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