The Grandiose Weddings In India- A Quick Look!

Grandiose Weddings In India

In India, weddings are one of the most celebrated occasions in every household. It is estimated that on an average about 30,000 weddings take place in a day in India. That will amount to around 9 lakh weddings a month and over 10 million weddings in a year. Such huge is the Indian wedding industry prospects.

Indians hold true to their traditions and rituals. Hence, the marriages are often conducted in certain months which are considered more auspicious for the couples to start a new life together. The marriages will often be held at one of the top wedding halls in Chennai or other top cities.

It is estimated that on an average an Indian family will be willing to spend about 20% of their entire life earnings for the wedding. The three crucial factors in any wedding is getting the best marriage halls in Chennai, finding the best caterers, and choosing the best bridal jewels. Indian marriages often differ from Western marriages in the fact that Indian marriages often take more than 1 day to complete.

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Grandiose Weddings In India

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