Google Social Search Update


Google has gone through many up-gradations in the past. This video recognizes how Google makes it easier for you to search for relevant topics which you are interested in. When you log in to Google, you see those websites which have the most relevant details as per your query. Ever wondered how that happened? This video clearly explains how Google makes it happen for you to find the relevant details which are also suggested and recommended from your friends and family. This happens when you are logged in to your Gmail account. This means that having a Gmail account too is essential and useful when you are searching something on Google.

Watch this video “Google Search Update” to learn how you can influence other people’s decisions and suggest them various topics of interest. Same thing happens to you too. When someone likes or suggests something, you get to learn about them and know more regarding them.

This video has shown this whole process in a very short span of time in the most useful way. It has brought an enriching tale within a matter of a couple minutes. So take out a few minutes of your life and learn how Google searching actually works. You will not regret it.

Likes: It is very precise and well scripted. It is very simple too, anyone can grasp it.

Dislikes: The information provided is too less. More information should have been provided to help us understand the whole process.


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