Google PageRank Explained

Google PageRank Explained


Google page rank is not rocket science. Most of the users who have a basic understanding of the social media and web presence can understand the working of Google Page rank. If you follow webmaster guidelines, you will get insights regularly on improving the presence of your website and also using the correct ways to promote your brand online.

In this infographic titled, “Google PageRank Explained”, you will see how the page rank affects the popularity of different websites. The simplest metric of understanding Google page rank is that, if your website scores less than five, then you will have to put in more efforts to make its search visible to the content in your website. You can analyze your website and keep tweaking it till your page rank improves and reaches an eight to ten. It is only then your page will be displayed in the first or second page results of Google searches.

If you have lot of spam and irrelevant content on your website, then Google is not going to list your web page in the searches because it will not know which keyword to use to display your web page in the results. The results you see will not be satisfactory either. Therefore, de-clutter your website of all irrelevant content, elaborate graphics, fancy fonts, etc and keep it more readable and easily loadable.


Not much to like as most of the infographic is vague. However, gives information about page rank, partially.


Very vague and unclear for anyone to understand what the infographic is trying to tell.




Google PageRank Explained


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