Google vs. Facebook on Privacy and Security

On online social networks, security and privacy are one of the biggest concerns, as not only individuals but also companies and organizations use online social media to network and communicate. Over many years, since the advent of Google and Facebook, many hackers have tried to exploit this network and gain access to their resources. In this infographic titled, “Google vs. Facebook on Privacy and Security” you will read if Google or Facebook has better security and privacy features.

Google was started in the year 1998 and acquired more than a hundred companies since its establishment. When Facebook was founded in the year 2004, Google and Facebook competed over many online areas, such as, instant messaging, video calling, photos, email, calendar, online branding and promotional facilities and apps, etc. Privacy settings on Google and Facebook are similar in many ways. Though Facebook is more popular social network, Google still makes more profits compared to Facebook and also has more number of users compared to Facebook.

Most of the features on the security as well as the privacy checklist also have similar features enabled on both, Google and Facebook. Features, such as, https enabled website, remote log out, mobile number authentication, contact information, etc are all enabled on both the networks. Facebook, however, tracks your online activity even after you log out, while Google does not do that. As per this infographics, Google still has better security features as compared to Facebook.


A good comparison about security and privacy features on Facebook and Google.


A very detailed infographic, nothing to dislike.

Whether you use Social Networks for games, video and photos, or just to re-connect with old friends, you should be aware of how your Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is protected. Veracode’s new infographic details several of the ways Google and Facebook handle Privacy and Security.

Google vs. Facebook on Privacy and Security 1



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