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Is this an infographic or a Twitter message? We think that it is the latter. What is mentioned in this infographic is akin to saying that a book has a cover, pages and words. However, we felt that it was our duty to investigate the “Google Analytics Premium” infographic more. However, what we found out is that there is not much to talk about.

Through a Google search, we found a webpage (of unknown date) comparing and contrasting Google Analytics Standard with Google Analytics Premium. Apparently, the former has nothing, and the latter has everything, all for the price of $150,000 per year. It seems that the only one who can afford GAP is big businesses. This webpage also says that GAP can handle a data volume capacity of 1 billion hits per month.

We did go to the Google Analytics Premium webpage itself and found that it did have a plethora of features, which are broadly categorized as 1) Advertising and campaign performance; 2) Analysis and testing; 3) Audience characteristics and behavior; 4) Cross-device and cross-platform management; 5) Data collection and management; 6) Product integrations; 7) Sales and conversions; and 8) Site and app performance. However, the Google page is silent regarding the cost.

A blog article asked the question of whether the 150k was worth it. It concluded by saying that if your company has a revenue of $1 million or more per year, and if you think that you can get a conversion rate of 3.6% (relatively difficult to attain) then it is worth the cost.

Likes: This is just a short concise infographic.

Dislikes: We would like it more if there was something more.

In order to get a better understanding of Google Analytics Premium, Neo Consulting has summarized the most important advantages of this new Google product in the following infographic.

Google Analytics Premium 2

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