Golf Betting and the Different Ways of Doing It



Golf is one of the most popular sports to wager on.

When you combine the ability to identify betting value, disciplined wagering and wise staking strategy, you can make frequent profits wagering on golf online. Because the sport has always been popular, it’s no surprise golf became one of the most popular sports to wager on after the emergence of online sportsbooks.

If you’re new to sports wagering and you prefer betting on golf, the markets, betting options and bookmakers can be overwhelming. We will take you through the types of golf betting and some of the best strategies you can use to enhance your winning chances.

Below are some of the different types of golf bets:

Tournament winner betting

Wagering on the winner of a specific tournament is the most straightforward and common type of gold wager. For instance, bookmakers can place 1000 plus odds on a player like Jordan Spieth to win the Masters. In this case, the golfer you choose must emerge victoriously.


Golf future wagering is an excellent way to lock in selections before a tournament begins. This is a wise way to take advantage of value weeks or months in advance. The reason is any other odds fluctuations will not affect you. For example, if a golfer you think is on a form is +4000 to win an upcoming tournament, you can wager on him immediately. If his form continues and is +2000 before the tournament starts, your bet will still be at +4000. Although it’s frustrating to watch cash tied in a betting account before a game, the wait will be worthwhile.

First-round leader wagering

This type of betting is straightforward. Before a tournament, bookmakers normally post which player will be leading on the first day. If you think a certain golfer is eliminated fast in games, this would be a smart way to win money. The sportsbooks like, and will continue posting odds on the 2nd, 3rd, and final rounds.

Top nationality wagering

Punters have a wide array of choices they can make on certain golfers from certain regions, whether you’re wagering on the top USA, top Australian, top Asian, etc. Depending on the number of golfers from that area, it can be a two-player bet or above. Odds vary depending on how good the golfer is over the others.

Live betting

In-play or live betting is one of the fastest-growing types of betting across all sports, including golf. Unlike team sports such as football, in-play wagering in golf can be determined by one club swing that can break or make your wager. For example, you assume the final round in Masters, and two golfers are tied for a lead; the difference might be a single stroke to make you lose and lock wins.

If a game has started and a player thinks their favorite golfer will win, they can place a live wager on the golfer. You can live bet throughout a tournament, and it’s a good alternative if pre-match bets are failing you.

Prop bets

These are excellent ways to have fun and are an awesome way to earn some cash. These are considered the miscellaneous selection of wagers that directly don’t affect the results of a tournament. For instance, will the tournament winner be more than or below 35 years?

The golf betting strategies

One of the best things about golf is a new star can come upon a given weekend. The elite players will often be at or near the top of the leaderboard, which provides punters with an excellent opportunity to make some earnings by betting on them.

However, sportsbooks also feature players below the elite group that can still win a tournament if they get perfect bounces and sink their putts. It’s important to study the field and learn as many golf players as you can.

Apart from the favorites, you can also bet on other value picks that can cause upsets and make huge profits. If you place big wagers on a favorite golfer, you can also place smaller wagers on less favorite players that can pay off greatly. Such strategies are most helpful in less popular tournaments. Many elite golfers often skip smaller tournaments, giving the upcoming players a good chance to win.

Players also need to check current forms and course streaks. Some golfers have better streaks or shapes in certain tournaments. Do proper research and study these statistics. It would be best if you also considered player fitness. There are golf courses with wider fairways and a wider average length per hole, which favors players who can carry hefty average distances per drive. Other factors to consider include weather and tournament history.

When betting on golf, choose a reputable betting site. Once you’ve found a suitable bookmaker, register, make a deposit and start betting!

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