Go Wild with Wildcraft

Image credit - yourstory.com
Image credit – yourstory.com

There are many famed adventure and outdoors brands across the globe, their names emblazoned on sailing expeditions and mountaineering challenges, as they represent the spirit of human curiosity for the environment around us. Founded in 1988, Wildcraft has put India on the adventure map, crafting indigenous high-quality products meant for sports and the outdoors, and also rugged accessories for daily use.

Wildcraft – The Pioneers

When the company was founded in 1998, it was a specialist in outdoors equipment like sleeping bags, hiking and camping gear ( https://www.globosurfer.com/best-camping-gear ) and clothing meant for nature activities. The pioneering company grew into a national name and in less than 2 decades has branched into popular segments like clothing and luggage products. Wildcraft is now a brand known for its unique designs and durable products, a name now seen on backpacks carried by travellers and college students alike and clothing worn by enthusiasts across the country. You will find a Wildcraft brand store in almost every major city in India and they have partnered with top fashion websites like abof too. With stores opening in other Asian markets and plans for tie-ups in Europe, Wildcraft has grown into an international name, as more and more people discover great quality at  affordable prices.

Wildcraft Bags

Wildcraft has a large selection of fly fishing backpacks and rucksacks which are a favourite choice for many. You can choose from a very wide range of designs, patterns, shades and hardware. Wildcraft bags are made with specific functionalities in mind. Whether you need one with laptop and electronics space, or one for stuffing your essentials during a weekend trip, you are sure to find a suitable one easily. Wildcraft’s printed bags are a great hit amongst the young and mobile generation. From red and black combo to blue themed bags and more, these vibrant designs are a great addition to anyone’s accessory collection. Wildcraft’s coral red and grey laptop bags are ideal for the urban lifestyle with a twist of rugged adventure.

Footwear by Wildcraft

Wildcraft is also popular for its selection of rugged footwear, built to last. Some of the highlights of the footwear collection include light sneakers, running shoes and hiking shoes. The footwear collection includes many designs, and Wildcraft is famous for its trekking shoes and trekking poles too.

For the Ladies

Wildcraft offers quite a bit of choice for the lady who loves edgy fashion that combines rugged designs with feminine themes. Wildcraft for women includes a selection of sling bags, in both dark shades and vibrant color themes. Messenger bags are another popular accessory, which are super-functional and go with a sporty outfit as well as regular casuals. Wildcraft’s women’s t-shirts combine style and an outdoorsy- theme, and can be combined with skinny leggings and sporty sneakers. Trekking shoes and convertible cargos are some more Wildcraft products crafted for the adventure loving woman.

Enjoy a range of adventure-themed fashion products and discover new designs and styles at the Wildcraft Store at abof, where you can try out apparel on your online avatar to get the perfect fit.

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