Go. Study. Students use smartphones to study more, and more efficiently

Students nowadays are getting access to smart phones, laptops and all the latest gadgets. Some might believe that this causes them more damage and less good; but this infographic shows that it actually makes them smarter. This is because, students can now study flexibly anywhere they want to, with the use of their mobile phones, which they carry everywhere they go. Let’s face it: no one likes to study at the same time every day; surely some disciplined folks do, but as kids it is quite evident that they will get diverted on the course of their studies.

This infographic called “Go. Study. Students use smartphones to study more, and more efficiently” chalks out how students more efficiently using smart phones these days. Indeed, it is a boon and not a bane for the students. Parents now think that the children are on Facebook whenever they see them using their cell phones. But it is not the case; some of the kids are even bored of such clichéd social media sites now. They are using their cell phones in more productive ways now.

Unlike previous decade, they no longer have to sit in front of their books again at a designated time to complete that homework; instead, they can just read the same lesson on their phone by downloading that chapter in pdf version, while maybe, they are getting bored on a bus journey. Sounds thousand times better, doesn’t it?

Show this infographic to your parents if you are a kid who does the same.


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Make studying more convenient for students and they’ll study more. Sounds simple, huh? Well it’s true. It turns out that students who study their flashcards on mobile devices are getting a ton of benefits from their mobile study sessions by taking advantage of the opportunity to study everywhere they go. Hard to believe? Take a look at StudyBlue.com’s infographic to learn more about mobile studiers.

Go. Study. Students use smartphones to study more, and more efficiently 1


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