Getting Inside the Mind of a Burglar

Burglars employ a number of tactics to break into people’s homes every single day. Knowing what strategies they use can be a great step towards knowing how to defend your possessions and loved ones from this threat.

So how do burglars get in? A huge 69% of them gain access through a door by forcing the lock, breaking/ cutting the panels and even forcing past residents! 16% of cases saw a burglar entering through an unlocked and even opened door. 29% enter through a window, using similar techniques for the same result.

Burglars don’t seem to be too fussy about which side of a house they enter. 48% will get in through the front whilst 43% prefer to break in via the back. Ensuring both sides of yourproperty will mean you are covered either way.

With 53% of burglaries being committed whilst someone is in the property, it’s not just possessions at risk. Following simple advice like locking doors and windows or installing safety systems can massively reduce the chance of a loved one coming face to face with a criminal. Provided by


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