The Future of Electronic Medical Records

The Future of Electronic Medical Records 1

Is in the hands of your “friendly” neighborhood police and SWAT team.

It is true. A few months before “The Future of Electronic Medical Records” infographic was published, several intelligent and independent reporters, including Alex Jones, showed that the “affordable” “care” act would be open to virtually any and every government agency that requested it.

The obvious conclusion of a massive encroachment of government into your intrinsically personal life was ignored and so were other examples of reality. The infographic states that the waits to see doctors will be virtually no wait at all. On what planet was this supposed to occur? Even in 2011, people ought to have heard of the NHS in the U.K. and the similar system in Canada. It has been known for a long time that Canadians frequently come to the U.S. for medical procedures. Now, people in the U.S. are traveling to India, Philippines and other countries in order to get needed and helpful medical procedures done efficiently and affordably.

What is truly repugnant about this infographic is that it lulls you into the lie that your records will be safe from “unauthorized personnel”. But, as we have seen here, everybody is authorized. The government’s own website for the enrolment of mandatory medical insurance confessed as such.

Yes, it is true that electronic medical records, intrinsically are safe. A phone call to your brother in Texas is also safe. Thus, just as we have seen from the NSA, any government access or control over anything will result in widespread abuse.

Likes: If you want to have a good laugh at how naive people can be then you will enjoy this infographic.

Dislikes: None, this is a fun infographic.

Models for healthcare delivery are changing. The information technology is helping in transformation of instituions which delivers healthcare model. We are at a rare point in history where IT and the way we build and use it can and has been making a remarkable difference for institutions, for professionals and for patients. It is exciting to watch the progress being made by those embracing electronic medical records, cloud technology, storage and security advancements.

Electronic Medical Records

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