Free vs. Paid Horoscope: Which is Best?

Free vs. Paid Horoscope: Which is Best?

Astrology can help you make all sorts of difficult decisions, from fashion to house decoration, according to articles found online, such as Dainik Bhaskar. One of the most common discussions amongst the astrology community is whether a paid or free horoscope works best and what the difference between the two is. says that paid horoscopes will be broader in scope and more personalised than free horoscopes, which are more like the ones you see in newspapers.

Some say that these free horoscopes are too inaccurate and paid ones get you a more accurate prediction.

Free vs. Paid Horoscope: Which is Best?

LiveScience, amongst other websites, says that newspapers and magazines are using outdated star positions from 2,000 years ago so the star sign you might think you have could be wrong. Others say that astronomers offering paid horoscopes are taking people’s money and dishing out fake horoscopes. Here’s some pros and cons of both sides to help you make the decision for yourself:

Free Horoscope

Pros: Despite their reputation for being inaccurate, free horoscopes can still be reliable if you find the right one. Newspapers and magazines usually hire professional astronomers and write out new horoscopes each day, week, or month. If you can’t afford a monthly subscription for a paid horoscope then you can still get a good that can help you when you need a little guidance through life.

Cons: There are thousands of horoscope websites and dozens more print publications which include horoscopes. This means that a lot of them are fake or unreliable and sometimes it can be difficult to tell the real ones from the fakes.

Another downside is that the fortune is distributed amongst many people, not just yourself, so it won’t be as accurate, even if it is from a reputable source.

Paid Horoscope

Pros: With a reliable astronomer who will use your star chart to make a one on one fortune rather than a one on many, this is the most accurate horoscope available. It is the closest you can get to an actual fortune telling.

Cons: While there are many professional astronomers offering their services, public scepticism makes it easy for fraudster astronomers to set up shop and con people out of money. Again, it can be had to tell the fake from the genuine.

Even if you can find a reliable astronomer, the costs do build up so it is not an affordable option for everyone.

With these pluses and minuses in mind, you should be able to make an informed decision about what is best for you. The most important thing to remember no matter whether you want a paid or free horoscope is to be on the lookout for fraudsters who will try to con you out of money, or even sell you additional services you don’t want or need. Otherwise, a paid horoscope can be great if you can afford one but if not then there is no need to worry as a free horoscope can work for you in its own way.

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