The Cost of Shipping

For those in the business of selling online, apart from the cost price and selling price of your products, you can also decide the shipping cost. Since most of the logistics companies have fixed costs against certain weights and the kind of goods to be shipped, you can weigh your options with regard to charging the shipping costs to your customers. A few items that are ordered at a minimum cost are shipped freely. But then again, the distance is also calculated when it comes to adding the shipping cost. In this infographic titled, “The Cost of Shipping” you will see how the shipping charges are taken into consideration.

Many popular ecommerce websites have standard shipping charges even for international shipping. A variety of popular logistics companies that deal with shipping also include the packing and delivery to the local logistics services. Then, the local logistics person will have some charge based on the kind of transportation he uses to deliver your ordered items.

A variety of factors are taken into consideration if the item you ordered online is shipped through air or land. Fuel charges are also calculated when it comes to deciding the shipping cost for any company. If you are an individual who wants to courier some stuff, then your local logistics company will give you individual charges for the item. Overall this is a very informative and depictive infographic that gives a complete picture on the various costs incurred while shipping.


Informative about how logistics work, especially good for retailers.


None, although a layman may feel an information overload.

Cost of Shipping

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