Ford Social Media Marketing

Do you know the app created by Ford cars that has been installed in the Ford cars and tested, actually lets you blog and tweet from the car? This is a boon for any writer, as you can take your writing from any location, of course, not while driving, but any place you can drive. In this infographic titled “Ford Social Media Marketing” you will read about statics of Ford’s social media presence and also about their interesting apps for Ford car.

In 2012 Ford came up with an interesting rally for the Ford Focus car. This was an interactive rally where the audience could participate in puzzles and quizzes. They have more than forty thousand subscribers on YouTube as on 2012, as per this Infographics. They have more than thirty thousand followers on Twitter. Their Facebook page only has more than five lakhs followers. Given the statistics, they seem to have a very bleak presence on social media for being an automobile company.

As per this info graphics, though they seem to use most of the social media platforms, such as, social media pages as well as the social media directories, the number of users who seem to follow them, as per this info graphics, seems less in number. Seems like, they are yet to create interactive apps and games for mobile and social media platforms, as a part of the marketing strategy.


Random information on Ford’s social media status and about the interesting blogging and tweeting app they created for their car.


This just talks about one particular company’s social media marketing campaign, so if you don’t like the brand, you may not find this useful.

Ford Social Media Marketing Infographic


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