Forbes List of Billionaires 2011

USA is popular for the entrepreneur scene. More than eighty percent of the population in USA has the entrepreneurial spirit. Forbes always lists the list of billionaires across the world, every year. In this infographics titled, “Forbes List of Billionaires 2011,” you will see the list of billionaires who made it to the Forbes list in the year 2011.

Warren Buffet seems to be one of the top most in the list since many years. So is Bill Gates, Lakshmi Mittal, and the Walton family. Though Apple computers are known for its finesse and well-crafted technology, they hit the popularity but never make it to the top most list in the Forbes. Microsoft has been ruling the roost of being the technical giant since many years.

Most of the billionaires in the list are from the field of computers and technology. The rest are mostly from financial, real estate, and steel industries. Though only a list of 2011 is displayed in this infographic, it does not display any other additional information such as how their income is generated. It could’ve also contained info such as how each billionaire started his journey, their first ventures and so on. However, the stories of most of these billionaires are quite inspiring.


Lists the top 100 billionaires of the world from the Forbes list.


Seems redundant as much of the vital stats missing, like the size of their companies, their regions of operations and so on.

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Forbes List of Billionaires Infographics


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