Points to Note While Displaying Food Safety Display Boards

Food Safety Display Boards

It is necessary to showcase only food safety display boards that are appropriate for your business. The size of the board should be A4 if your business has performed FSSAI registration and A3 if the business has an FSSAI food license. You can display one FSDB in your establishment.

If your establishment is significant, and if you think one will not be sufficient for consumer visibility, you can display more than one board. It mostly depends upon the size of your business. The content of the display board should not get damaged or blurred over time. The FBO would add the FSSAI license number on top along with feedback details and the company name for a feedback mechanism.

If you are functioning or managing a business associated with food, be sure to get the right food license for your business. It is possible to obtain a license by performing FSSAI online registration. Food safety display boards are commonly found in meat shops, fruit and vegetable retail stores, milk booths, and other food establishments.

Food Safety Display Boards – Infographic

Food Safety Display Boards


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